Anti-bloodborne pathogen penetration tester DRK-1000A
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Product introduction
This instrument is specially designed for testing the permeability of medical protective clothing against blood and other liquids; the hydrostatic pressure test method is used to test the penetration ability of protective clothing materials against viruses and blood and other liquids. Used to test the permeability of protective clothing to blood and body fluids, blood pathogens (tested with Phi-X 174 antibiotic), synthetic blood, etc. It can test the anti-liquid penetration performance of protective equipment including gloves, protective clothing, outer covers, coveralls, boots, etc.
  • Negative pressure experiment system, equipped with fan exhaust system and high efficiency filter for inlet and outlet to ensure the safety of operators;
  • Industrial-grade high-brightness color touch screen;
  • U disk export historical data;
  • The pressure point pressurization method adopts automatic adjustment to ensure the accuracy of the test.
  • The special stainless steel penetrating test tank guarantees a firm grip on the sample and prevents synthetic blood from splashing around;
  • Imported pressure sensor with accurate data and high measurement accuracy. Volume data storage, save historical experimental data;
  • The cabinet has built-in high-brightness lighting;
  • Built-in leakage protection switch to protect the safety of operators;
  • The stainless steel inside the cabinet is integrally processed and formed, and the outer layer is sprayed with cold-rolled plates, and the inner and outer layers are insulated and flame retardant.
Technical Parameter: 
Pressure Method Automatic Adjustment
Sample Size 75 x 75 mm
Clamp torque 13.6N.M
Pressure area 28.27cm2
Negative pressure range of negative pressure cabinet -50~-200Pa
High efficiency filter filtration efficiency Better than 99.99%
Ventilation volume of negative pressure cabinet ≥5m3 / min
Data storage capacity 5000 groups
Size Host size: (length 1180* Width 650* Height 1300 mm);
Bracket Size: (Length 1180* Width 650* Height 600 mm);
Height adjustable within 100mm
Total Weight About 150kg


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