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  1. This machine is composed of two parts: the main body of the instrument and the electric. It has a desktop structure, and the test work is carried out through the electric control system.
  2. When the preset times are completed, the instrument will stop automatically.
  3. The man-machine interface is easy to operate, and the display is intuitive.
GB/T4802.2, GB/T21196.1 ~ 4, GB8690, ASTMD4966, ASTMD4970, ISO12945.2

Technical Parameter: 

Number of friction heads 9
Diameter of sample holder  Ø38mm and 
Diameter of grinding table Ø120mm
The total weight of 38mm diameter specimen holder and guide rod is  (198±2)g
The total weight of 90mm diameter sample holder, guide rod and O-shaped rubber ring is (155±1)g
The total weight of the 90mm diameter sample holder, guide rod, O-shaped rubber ring and loading block is (415±2)g
Heavy Hammer 395g±2g, 594g±2g
The total Mass of the loading block and specimen clamp assembly should be Large block (795±7)g, that is,the nominal pressure applied to the sample is 12kPaA small piece of (595±7)g, that is, the nominal pressure applied to the sample is 9 kPa
Counting Range Preset count 1 ~ 990000 times
Test speed (rotating speed of grinding head) 47.5 ± 2.5 r.p.m Note: The standard configuration only carries 47.5±2.5 r.p.m, and the other 25 r.p.m and 75 r.p.m need to be selected
Power supply 220V±10%, 50Hz
Motor Power 120W
Dimensions 850mm*600mm*400mm
Weight Instrument 120kg  Accessory Box 22kg


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