Mask Bacterial Filtration efficiency (BFE) Tester DRK-1000
Mask Bacterial Filtration efficiency (BFE) Tester DRK-1000 Mask, Cloth & Fabric Testing Equipment Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Selangor, Penang, Johor Bahru (JB) Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Redmark Industry Sdn Bhd
Product introduction
DRK-1000 Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Detector not only conforms to the requirements of medical surgical masks technology YY0469-2011 appendix B in the test method for filter efficiency (BFE) bacteria first b. 1.1.1 test instrument, but also conforms to the American society for testing material ASTMF2100, ASTMF2101, the requirements of the European EN14683 standards, innovative improvements were made on the basis of this, with double pneumatic contrast sampling method at the same time, improve the precision of sampling,It is suitable for measuring and testing departments, scientific research institutes, mask manufacturers and other relevant departments to test the performance of mask bacterial filtration efficiency.
Execution standard
Q/0212 ZRB003-2015 
ISO/DIS 22611

Related intellectual property
No.: ZL200820224142.6 Electric flow regulating valve
No.: ZL200820224143.0 Air Capacity
No.: ZL200920308391.8 Air Filter material filtration efficiency detector


Key Specification
Specification Range Resolution Accuracy
A Route Sampling Flow 28.3L/min 0.1L/min Within ± 2.5%
B Route Sampling Flow 28.3L/min 0.1L/min Within ± 2.5%
Spray Flow (8~10)L/min 0.1L/min Within ± 2.5%
Peristaltic Pump Flow (0.006~3.0)mL/min 0.001ml/min Within ± 2.5%
Front Pressure of A Route
Sampling Flowmeter
(-20~0)kPa 0.01kPa Within ± 2.5%
Front Pressure of B Route
Sampling Flowmete
(-20~0)kPa 0.01kPa Within ± 2.5%
Front Pressure of
Spray Flowmeter
(0~300)kPa 0.01kPa Within ± 2.5%
Ambient Temperature (-40~99)íŠ 0.1íŠ Within ± 2.5%
Negative Pressure of the Aerosol
(-90~-120)Pa 0.1Pa Within ±2.0%
Negative Pressure of the Cabinet -50~-200pa
Data Storage Ability >100000 sets
Vortex Mixer Test Tube
Specification and Quantity
Φ16×150mm test tubeúČ8pcs
High Efficiency Particulate Air
Filter Properties
Filter Efficiency≥99.99% for particles> 0.3μm
Median diameter of aerosol  generator mass Average diameter: (3.0±0.3)μm; Geometric Standard
generator mass Deviation≤1.5
Double Routes 6-lever Andersen Sampling apparatus Level1>7μm; Level 2: (4.7~7)μm;
Level 3: (3.3~4.7)μm; Level 4: (2.1~3.3)μm;
Level 5: (1.1~2.1)μm; Level 6: (0.6~1.1)μm
Size of Aerosol Chamber 600×85×3mm (Length×Diameter×Thickness)
Total number of positive quality
control sampler particles
Negative Chamber Flow Speed ≥5m3/min
Size of Negative Pressure
Chamber Door(W×D)
Size of Main Machine(W×D×H) 1180×650×1300mm
Size of Supporting
1180×650×600mm, Height within 10cm is adjustable
Noise of the Tester <65dB(A)
Weight 150kg
Power Supply AC220V±10%, 50Hz
Power Consumption <1500W

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