Mask Tightness Tester DRK313
Mask Tightness Tester DRK313 Mask, Cloth & Fabric Testing Equipment Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Selangor, Penang, Johor Bahru (JB) Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Redmark Industry Sdn Bhd
DRK313 mask tightness tester features:

• Quantitative tightness test for respirators such as masks (QNFT)
• Applicable to 100/99 / P3 / HEPA series mask disposable filter mask tightness test (including N95 / N90 / KN95 and other disposable dust masks)
• Adhesion test of half mask and full face mask
• Gas mask tightness test
• PAPR mask tightness test
• SCBA respirator mask tightness test
• 7inch true color touch screen
• Independent or computer controlled
• Using CNC technology
• English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese language switching display
• Complies with US OSHA standards, Canadian Standards Association (CSA) guidelines, including N95
• Equipped with a variety of communication interfaces (USB, Ethernet), and can also enable WIFI
• One computer can control four instruments at the same time


Concentration Range 0 ~ 100,000 / cm3
Grain diameter 0.02 ~ 1.0μm
Flow Sampling flow: 100cm3 / min Total flow: 700cm3 / min
Closeness coefficient test direct test (Cout / Cin)
Alcohol 99.5% + isopropanol (analytical pure)
Display 7inch true color touch screen
Communication interface USB × 3 (Host × 2, Device × 1) Ethernet interface × 1
Connection port environment port, sampling port
WIFI equipped
Languages English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese
Flow control sensor control
PC controllable operation one computer can control 4 instruments at the same time
Data output format Microsoft Excel
Working temperature 15 ~ 35 íŠ
Power source AC 110 ~ 240V 50 / 60Hz
Appearance size 208 × 117 × 262mm
Weight 2.1kg
Annex Reagent bottle for alcohol, protective cap, reagent stick, zero count filter, filter, sampling tube, Instruction manual, AC adapter, touch screen pen
Option Fitting coefficient test kit

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