Clamp Meter PCE-HVAC 6
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PCE-HVAC 6 Clamp meter
Up to 1000 A AC / DC / Non-contact voltage detection / Voltage measurement up to 600V. Temperature measurement via thermocouple / Robust rubberized housing

The clamp meter PCE-HVAC 6 was specially developed for the tradesman in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology. This clamp meter is ideal for many inspection and maintenance jobs in this area. This clamp meter combines many gauges in one. It is possible with this meter to measure currents up to 1000 A in the DC and AC range via the clamp. Furthermore, voltages up to 600V AC / DC can be determined exactly. For quick and easy testing of electrical conductors, the clamp meter is equipped with non-contact voltage detection.
The PCE-HVAC 6 clamp meter can also measure resistors and capacitors. The diode test and continuity test complete the series of electrical measuring functions of the clamp meter. As a special feature, the PCE-HVAC 6 clamp meter has 2 measuring inputs for Type-K thermocouples. With the help of these thermocouples, for example, the flow and return temperature of heating systems can be measured. 
The clamp meter was developed for the everyday life of a service worker. The sturdy plastic housing withstands shocks easily. A circumferential rubber coating on the housing of the PCE-HVAC 6 helps ensure that the clamp meter is secure in the hand, even when the technician wears gloves. The display is equipped with an LED backlight, which facilitates reading in dark environments. As a further highlight, the clamp meter on the pliers tip has a measuring point illumination.

- Current measurement up to 1000 A
- Cover of the measuring sockets
- Voltage measurement up to 600V
- Temperature measurement via 2 thermocouples
- Display & measuring point illumination
- Non-contact voltage detection


General technical data    
Conductor diameter Max. 48 mm / 1.9 in
Display Two lines 50,000 digits
Continuity test 50 ohms / <50-mA
Diode test 0.3-mA / 2.8V DC
Battery indicator Battery icon when battery low
Overrange OL, if measuring range exceeded
Sample rate 2 Hz
Peak detection > 1 ms
Thermocouple Type K
Fuse 500-mA ceramic quick-acting
AC bandwidth (AC A / AC V) 50 Hz ... 400 Hz
AC measurement True RMS
Operating conditions 5 ... 40°C / 41 ... 104°F, max. 80% RH at 31°C
Storage conditions -20 ... 60°C / -4 ... 140°F, max. 80% rh
Power supply 9V block battery
Automatic shutdown After about 30 minutes
Dimensions (W x H x D) 230 x 76 x 40 mm / 9 x 3 x 1.6 in
Weight 315 g / < 1 lb
Safety IEC 1010-1 (2001):
EN 61010-1 (2001)
CAT II 1000V Degree of
pollution 2

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