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BGD 155/S series professional viscometers are newest full touch screen products which are developed from Biuged BGD 155 viscometers. Add more functions as below on the base of BGD 155 viscometers. 
  • 7 inch high definition touch screen, easy to operate and display rich information. Powerful human-machine interface and various humanized operation menu fo conversion.
  • Anti-static shell and PC material lifting pole
  • ARM chip processor : higher data processing speed
  • New designed durable small axles
  • Come with a gigabit ethernet interface to transfer data, reliable and quick.
  • Come with USB interface, support operate to save measurement through external disk U: single point, continuous and timed saving ways for option.
  • Come with RS 232 interface, can print measuring data by mini-printer with less labor
  • Calibrated by user temperature and viscosity correction factor are protected by password, also can be modified by user when they have reliable and accurate data.
  • Can measure viscosity by infinitely variable speed, input any speed, the instrument would display the max. measuring range under different rotors. Convenient for user to choose suitable testing parameters.
  • Convert freely between various viscocity units, dynamic viscosity convert kinemaic viscosity automatically
  • Accompanied with detailed operation instruction
Parameters BGD 155/1S BGD 155/2S BGD 155/3S
Measurement Range (mPa.s) 10-600,000 (600K) 10-6,000,000 (6M) 100-80,000,000 (80M)
R.P.M (per min) 1-60 0.1-100 (infinitely variable speed)
Rotor Amount No.1, No.2, No.3, No.4 are standard configurations (#0 is optional)
Measurement Accuracy ±1.0 % (of the full range)
Repearability ±0.5 &
Power Supply Power Supply Adapter: 100V~240V/50Hz
Optional Accessories BGD 1601 --- Low Viscosity adapter (the No.0 rotor)
BGD 1602 --- Small sample adapter (comes with No.2 1 , No.27, No.28, No.29)
BGD 1603 --- Mini single color printer
BGD 1606 --- Viscometer data collection and graphing software


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