Coating Thickness Gauge Leeb250/252
Coating Thickness Gauge Leeb250/252 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Material Testing Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Selangor, Penang Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Redmark Industry Sdn Bhd Paint on automobileInstrument CaseChrome plated on FEAnodic oxidation on NFE
Functions & Features:
  • New systems with high accuracy
  • Integrated with Fe and NFe in one probe
  • Easy and quick for operation.
  • Two measuring methods:continuous and single.
  • One specimen Calibration
  • Automatic back-light
  • Switch off automatically or manually.
Measuring Materials:
  • Magnetic Induction (Fe): Non-magnetic coating on magnetic metal substrate, such as aluminium, chromium, copper, zinc, rubber, paint on the base of steel, iron, alloy, and magnetic steel.
  • Eddy current (NFe): Non-conductive coating on non-magnetic metal substrate, such as rubber, plastic, paint, oxide on the base of aluminium, copper, zinc, tin. 
Technicals Parameters: 

Model No.  Leeb250 Leeb252
Measuring principle Fe NFe
Measuring Range (μm) 0~1250μm
Accuracy ±(3%H+1)μm; H refers to the thickness of testing piece
Min thickness of Substrate (mm)  0.5
Minimum resolution (μm) 0.1μm (0-99.9μm); 1μm (100-1250μm)
Min curvature of the min area (mm) Fe: Convex1.5 Concave25 / NFe: Convex3 Concave50
Temperature:  0~40°C

Environment No strong magnetic field
Dimensions 130*70*39 mm
Net weight 120g
Power supply 2*1.5 AAA battery
Standard Configuration Main machine, Calibration Specimens*5, FE/NFE Substrate, Users'Manual, Qualified Certificate, Packing list, Warranty Card

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