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SK-311TD / 322 TD are large vibration type, vibration range is 100mm.
SK-300D / 311D / 322D are single-layer type, vibration range is 50mm.

  • PID microprocessor control.
  • Advanced unishaft drive, low noise.
  • Eight self-compiled programs, with different speed and time setting. 
  • Automatioc operation, auto-stop, timing, time display, parameters memory and recovery function.
  • Independent over-speed audio and visual alarm, independent leakage protection device. 
  • automatic power-off protection system when the motor is overheating and temperature is out of control.
Model  SK-300D SK-311D SK-311TD SK-322D SK-322TD
Controller PID
Display LCD
Circulation Mode Natural Convection
Shaking Mode Rotatory Shaking
Drive Mode Unishaft Drive
Rotating Speed 30~300rpm 30~300rpm 30~250rpm 30~300rpm 30~250rpm
Rotating Accuracy ±1rpm
Vibration range Φ50mm Φ50mm Φ100mm Φ50mm Φ100mm
Timing range  0~999.59 hours
Shaking Plate Size 680*500mm 840*620mm 840*620mm 1108*740mm 1108*740mm
Standard Capacity 250ml*30 250ml*54 250ml*96
Max. Capacity 250ml*30 or
500ml*24 or
1000ml* 16 or
250ml*54 or
500ml*35 or
1000ml*24 or
250ml*96 or
500ml*60 or
1000ml*40 or
External Material Cold-rolled steel with anti-bacterial power coating
Consumption 70W 150W 150W 280W 280W
Power Supply AC110V/220V±10%,50/60HZ
External Supply
Size (W*D*H) (mm)
680*615*300 900*650*480 900*650*480 1210*775*480 1210*775*480
Package Size
(W*D*H) (mm)
780*715*450 1000*750*630 1000*750*630 1310*875*630 1310*875*630
Gross Weight (kg) 128 245 300 365 305


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