SS-1 Seaming Cutting Saw
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SS-1 Seaming Cutting Saw is a specially designed saw for seam cutting purpose. Equipped with linear guide rail, cans’ moving during cutting will be very precise and accurate in track. Comparing to typical seam saw, a clearer seam section will be obtained.

  • Applicable for 2-pcs, 3-pcs and aerosol can
  • Equipped with linear guide rail
  • Easy to collect the trash


Sample range : 2-pcs can, 3-pcs can and aerosol can with diameter up to 180 mm
Blade dimens : 80x22x0.5 mm (160 teeth)
Motor speed : Approx.1000rev /min
Working voltage : 220 V
Dimension : 335(L) x 335(W) x170(H) mm
Net weight : 20 kg

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