Digital Lux Meter BE1010
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This light meter is indeed very useful to applications like in the fields of cinematography, in scenic design, in determining optimum light level for a scene, in the general field of lighting, in reducing the amount of waste light used in the home, in ensuring proper light levels for plant growth. And even in measuring luminance in any environments such as illumination control, weather observation and work places like factories, offices, shops, schools, restaurants, beauty salons, electro-optical sources, research teaching, metallurgy building, industry inspection, and agriculture research.

Key Features

  • With CE marking that indicate conformity with the essential health and safety requirements set out by the European Directives
  • Equipped with reliable Auto measurement function
  • Large LCD provides big digits, permits a wide range of light measurements of up to 200,000 lux
  •  Data rise and fall time is short
  • Low battery indication
  •  Backlight function
  •  After 5 minute auto power off
  • Maximum and minimum measurements
  • Equipped with LSI-Circuit to provide high reliability and durability
  • LUX (Lux) / FC (footcandles) Unit selection function


* Measuring range:0Lux200,000Lux/0185,806Fc
* Accuracy:
±3% rdg±0.5%f.s.(<10,000Lux)
±4% rdg±10dgts.(>10,000Lux)
* Digital Updates:2 times / s
* Photometric sensor:Silicon diode
* Battery life:Not less than 60 hours
* Operating temperature and humidity:0桫 40, 10%RH 90%RH
* Storage temperature and humidity:-20桫 50, 10%RH 90%RH
* Power:9Vbattery
* Unit size:52.5*35.5*166mm
* Net weight: 110.4g
* LUX (Lux) / FC (footcandles) Unit selection function
* After 5 minute auto power off
* Backlight function
* Maximum and minimum measurements
* Automatic measurement function(AUTO)
* Data rise and fall time is short
* Low battery indication


* 9V battery x 1pc
* Manual x 1pc
* Blister packing

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